The Kingmaker Project

A membership program for men providing
structure, accountability and challenge.

The Pain of Modern Man

The time we live in is one of the most challenging in history for men.

If you attended a public school in the United States, then it is very likely that you were diverted from your own personal destiny and legacy in exchange for something far less satisfying.

We are trained from a young age to prepare for a job. Only later do we find out that the job requires most of our time and attention and we won't ever get to pursue our dreams.

In exchange we get enough money to survive, and often what we have left gets used on the weekends while we attempt to enjoy ourselves. The only way out seems to be to save up enough to retire, and unfortunately that takes a lifetime.

When I was a boy, someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I hadn't thought about that.

I had to become something?

I considered for a minute. The question required a noun as an answer. I had to "be" something. I liked computers, so in that moment I decided to become a computer programmer.

That decision I made that day set me on a long track that included college and applying for corporate positions in exchange for wages. I was probably 13 years old.

You were probably asked a question like this at some point too. The question is well-meaning but the implications are subtle and devious.

Let me explain. In that moment I subconsciously consumed the reality that:

I wasn't anything yet.
I had to become something..
Becoming something meant getting a job..

Do you see the trap there?

This is just one example of a thousand tiny ways that we are taught and trained from childhood to reject our natural creative impulses and instead channel them into becoming an employee.

Many people are so frightened about what might happen if they stopped holding down a full-time job that they never find out.

I was the same way. One morning I woke up with a familiar feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach.

It was time to go to my well-paying full time job. I lived in a nice house, I had a luxury sedan and a lot of gear and equipment that indicated I was pursuing my hobbies. My "passions".

The feeling of dread was so palpable... it was right there. In my gut. It was mix of fear, sadness and shame.

Fear of homelessness, starvation and ostracization.

Sadness at being constrained and trapped in a situation I didn't want to be in.

Shame that I wasn't living the life I truly wanted to live.

I realized I had to face my fear. Some part of me deep down believed that if I quit my job or didn't go enough times, that I would die. Not immediately of course, but the chain of events were there. No job meant no money, no money means no food or home, no food or home means death.

I made a plan to quit my job in 3 months. I would save some money and I would travel. Or something... I didn't really know what I would do, but I would figure it out! I immediately felt lighter. The dread transformed into hope. I went to work and had a great day.

I was doing basically the same thing that day: going to work and building someone else's company. But now I felt happy about it. Why?

I'd caught a glimpse of my own purpose. My own personally directed life-flow.

I learned a lesson that day. It's not always about "What" I'm doing that determines how I feel, but "Where" I am going in the long run and how that "What" fits into my story about it.

I didn't have to quit my job to be happy. I just had to be living my own life according to my own plan. If the job fit into that, great. If not, then the job has to go.

In that moment I claimed
Authority over my own life.

From that moment on every challenge I faced was on my terms. I began to ask myself what was important to me instead of just wondering how I would get my next paycheck.

What did I want to accomplish in this life time?

About a month later the company lost a contract and I was suddenly without a job.

I learned another lesson that day: Security is an illusion.

Men are losing their best years to diversion. And often they don't even realize it until it is too late.

Working as part of a team grants a natural motivation. When you have a job, you are part of a team and you will feel motivated to do the job-related activities. It's natural.

The Kingmaker Academy gives you a team whose sole purpose is to support you in achieving your own dreams. This program and the community of men and women involved with it will help you claim Authority in your own life.

If you are ready to stop the cycle and accept the challenge of living for your own personal destiny and legacy, you are in the right place.

kingmaker is here for brilliant men with
vision and drive.

Solve the puzzle
of personal motivation and achieve consistent results.

Toward goals and visions of your choosing.

The Kingmaker Academy
Membership program

Our team asks each week: "What can we do to support our men?"

The program evolves over time with your participation with many of the specifics tailored
to you based on the feedback you give and results you get.

This is a live instructional, community-based program that thrives on real results.

Your Membership includes:

  • A 90 minute live lecture every other week with one of our coaches (includes Q&A) - covering selected topics to help you repeatedly refine and sharpen your vision, goals and personal organizational system.

  • Weekly "King's Court" open group coaching sessions with our coaching staff - ask questions, get help, stay motivated. Tune in to a state of self-love and stay on-track toward your goals.

  • Unlimited Access to the Kingmaker Academy Hypnosis and Mindset Meditation Catalog - every month you will receive new meditations, hypnosis or dialogue audio file based on the lessons of the month.

  • A Personalized Structure and Accountability Program. We will help you clarify your goals and put them on paper. We will help you set up a structure and accountability system. Stay oriented on your ideal future.

  • Instruction in the "Hand of the King" daily journaling practice - Learn what to write and what mindset to have so that journaling gets you real results.

  • Access to a rich community of men and women who support your growth. The academy is for men only, but we will have coaches and guest speakers of all genders. Our team has attention on you and you can participate and share in our community forums.

  • Insider access to new Kingmaker products and recordings of past lectures as they are released - Everything we record is available to you.

  • Email support from our staff of coaches - ask questions, make comments, get answers and support.

Most Notably...

You tap into a powerful network of
coaches and entrepreneurs committed to your lasting success.

The Kingmaker Academy is the result of years of focus and research
on how to help men claim authority in their own lives.

By joining The Kingmaker Academy you gain access
to the inner sanctum of revolutionary evolutionary consciousness work.

This program is designed and administered by Matt Davis.

"I felt my confidence to be a great man grow through working with Matt."

Brave Legend Pietri, Relationship Coach, Alchemy of We

"Not only did I feel like a capable man, by the end of our sessions I felt like a f***ing superhero.”

Alex Miller, Graduate Student of Psychology

"I have worked with Matt for years. He helps people. He has a transformative presence.”

Thomas Vinson, Program Manager, ZeroWaste Network

You know from experience that your community, the people you surround yourself with and your environment have the biggest impact on how you feel and how you spend your time.

The Kingmaker Academy gives you support, structure, accountability and challenge.

Even without the genius coaching and quality content, immersing yourself in this community will help you feel motivated.

We provide mental models, reinforcement exercises based on proven psychological models, primarily the Masculine Archetypes developed by Douglas Gillette and Robert Moore, an extension of the work of Carl Jung.

This is about steady, small incremental gains. The program is designed to help you make a major course change in your life over the period of 1 year. This is not a quick fix, this is not a band-aid.

If you attend the sessions, you will get results.

You can do this. The portal is open.


King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.

These ancient masculine archetypes are invisibly woven into who you are as a man.

They are part of every meaningful myth, story, play and film.

Carl Jung called them
"Universal, archaic patterns... the psychic counterpart of instinct".

They provide structure to the psyche.

Understanding how they operate adds
easeful influence over your own behavior and
helps you better understand behavior of others.

The King Decrees.
The Warrior Acts.
The Magician Knows.
The Lover Feels.


The King.
The Ruler.
The Sovereign Masculine.

The King archetype exists in the collective unconscious.
That means that you have the symbol of “King” inside your being and so does everybody else.
It means something similar to all of us.

It is important to recognize that the king as a conceptual space in the shared psyche is seen as a powerful leader who we all “look up to”.
The King is “up there” above us.
He is “watching over us”.
This means it's not actually possible to "be" the King. One can only embody and channel King energy.

This brings meaning to the phrase "The King is Dead. Long Live the King."
The man may die, but the King lives on.

Words that come to mind for many are:
Regal, Ruler, Masterful, Virtuous, Distinguished, Respected, Gracious and Potent.

Inside KMA we train our students to "Embody King Energy".
This means understanding and using the power of Blessing, Decree and Order.

Each of the masculine archetypes have a pair of Shadows. For the King these shadows are "The Tyrant" and "The Weakling".
Understanding how these Shadow King archetypes are at play in your life will
give you insight into where to put attention on your growth path.

It is not a question of "If" you are embodying the shadow, but "Where, when and how much".

Your relationship with the King determines your followers, your legacy and your destiny.

Learning to meet and embody the King archetype is one of the
first parts of your journey inside The Kingmaker Academy.

The Warrior.
The Bringer of death.
The master of swords

When the Warrior enters the room, everybody feels a little more alert.

The Warrior is backed by the King. The Warrior turns the King's decree into action.

Swift. Precice. Decisive.

His sword cuts to the heart of the matter. He is patient and also takes action at exactly the right moment.

The Warrior is the archetype responsible for
training imprecise, unconscious action into precise, reflexive skillfulness.

He knows that death comes for us all and that lends a sense of importance to his every move.

Your relationship with the Warrior Archetype determines how effective you are day to day.

The Kingmaker Academy provides coaching and challenges to help you
develop your relationship with the Warrior Archetype.

The Magician.
The one who knows
The master of technology

The Magician. The Wizard. The Magi.

The Kingmaker Academy provides...

All parts of you are worthy of embrace, celebration and love.

Congratulations on deciding to join The Kingmaker Academy.

The first step is filling out the Application Form and submitting your $250 application fee.

If accepted, the fee will cover your first 2 months at the Academy.

The program continues for $99/mo after that.

Matt Davis is a transformational coach specializing in helping men make breakthroughs.

"I felt my confidence to be a great man grow through working with Matt."

Brave Legend Pietri, Relationship Coach, Alchemy of We

“My energy feels better than it ever has before. When I work with Matt I feel like I can access new parts of my brain.”

Michele Wellington, Wellness Coach

"Not only did I feel like a capable man, by the end of our sessions I felt like a f***ing superhero.”

Alex Miller, Graduate Student of Psychology

"I have worked with Matt for years. He helps people. He has a transformative presence.”

Thomas Vinson
Program Manager, ZeroWaste Network